BSc CS sem 1 Programming with Python- I Practical solution Download

List of practical

Programming with Python – I

1. Installing and setting up the Python IDLE interpreter. Executing simple statements like expression statement (numeric and Boolean types), assert, assignment, delete statements; the print function for output.

2. Script and interactive modes; defining a function in the two modes; executing a script; interactively executing a statement list (semicolon-separated sequence of simple statements); the input function.

3. Programs based on lists, conditional constructs, the for statement and the range function; interactively using the built-in functions len, sum, max, min

4. Programs related to string manipulation

5. Programs based on the while statement; importing and executing built-in

functions from the time, math and random modules

6. Programs using break and continue statements.

7. Programs related to dictionaries

8. Programs using list comprehenstions and anonymous functions

9. Programs using the built-in methods of the string, list and dictionary classes