BSc CS sem 1 Database Systems Practical solutions Download

Practical List

1. For given scenario  Draw E-R diagram and convert entities and relationships to table.

2. Write relational algebra queries on the tables created in Practical-1.

3. Perform the following:
Viewing all databases
Creating a Database
Viewing all Tables in a Database
Creating Tables (With and Without Constraints)
Inserting/Updating/Deleting Records in a Table
Saving (Commit) and Undoing (rollback)

4. Perform the following: Altering a Table
Dropping/Truncating/Renaming Tables
Backing up / Restoring a Database 18

5. Perform the following:
Simple Queries
Simple Queries with Aggregate functions
Queries with Aggregate functions (group by and having clause)

6. Queries involving
Date Functions
String Functions Math Functions

7. Join Queries Inner Join
Outer Join

8. Subqueries
With IN clause With EXISTS clause

Creating Views (with and without check option)
Dropping Views
Selecting from a View

10. DCL statements
Granting and revoking permissions